15 Important statistics to why Email Management matters in 2024

15 Important statistics to why Email Management matters in 2024

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Ron Junior van Cann

Ron Junior van Cann

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7 Jun 2024

20 May 2024

Managing email accounts can drain your time and energy, but what is the actual cost in numbers? To explore the impact of email overload on employees and businesses, Mailbird conducted an annual survey.

This survey reacheded out to 130 professionals via Typeform and collected information from 120 more through HARO, totaling over 250 professionals worldwide by mailbird. They investigated how many relevant emails the respondents received weekly, their inbox management strategies, and how these affect their productivity.

Key Highlights:

  • Email Volume: Nearly 40% of respondents receive between 61-200 emails a week, with only 10% or fewer being business-critical.

  • Time Spent: A third of respondents spend three to five hours weekly managing their inboxes, wasting around 10.8 hours on unproductive work.

  • Inadequate Management: 61% believe their email management methods are inadequate, yet only 20% think tech solutions are helpful, and 60% lack time to learn non-tech alternatives.

  • Training Deficiency: Only 5% of businesses provide detailed training on email management or business-critical communication.

Key Statistics on Email Overload

We surveyed professionals about their email management practices and productivity impacts. Here are the top statistics:

1. Weekly Email Volume

  • 40% receive 61-200 emails weekly.

  • 20% receive fewer (0-60 emails).

  • 34% receive more (201-5000 emails).

2. Time Spent Managing Emails

  • 35% spend 3-5 hours weekly.

  • 28% spend 2 hours or less.

  • 37% spend 6 hours or more.

3. Business-Critical Emails

  • 30% report 10% or fewer emails as business-critical.

  • 26% say up to half are business-critical.

  • 10.8 hours of weekly unproductive work on average.

4. Stress from Unchecked Emails

  • 71% experience no stress if emails are unchecked for a few hours.

  • 44% feel very stressed after two weeks.

5. Concerns When Not Checking Emails

  • 49% worry about missing business-critical information.

  • 26% are concerned about missing new client communications.

  • 59% are least worried about missing industry news.

6. Email Management Best Practices

  • 75% regularly unsubscribe from infrequently read newsletters.

  • 10% use a "Reply by XX Date" folder.

7. Effective Email Management Practices

  • 60% find unsubscribing from newsletters helpful.

  • 49% benefit from setting up email filters.

8. Email Volume Compared to Previous Year

  • 41% report receiving the same number of emails.

  • 40% see an increase.

9. Adequacy of Current Email Management Tools

  • 43% find them adequate.

  • 34% have no opinion.

10. Improving Email Management

  • 40% believe better practices are key.

  • 31% are content with current solutions.

  • 20% prefer tech solutions.

  • 5% favor labor solutions.

11. Barriers to Better Email Management

  • 60% cite time as the biggest barrier.

12. Productive Energy on Email Management

  • 43% spend some productive energy on emails.

  • 17% spend very little.

13. Sufficiency of Company's Email Management Practices

  • 62% say current practices are sufficient.

  • 38% disagree.

14. Email Management in Employee Handbooks

  • 63% say their companies do not cover email management adequately.

15. Business-Critical Communication in Employee Handbooks

  • 59% report inadequate coverage of what is considered business-critical.


Email overload significantly impacts productivity and stress levels in the workplace. Effective email management practices and adequate training are crucial for reducing the unproductive time spent on emails. Companies need to prioritize training and adopt efficient email management strategies to enhance productivity and reduce stress.

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