Mari, Your Global Defender Against Spam Emails

Mari, Your Global Defender Against Spam Emails

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Ron Junior van Cann

Ron Junior van Cann

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8 Jun 2024

7 May 2024

Email spam continues to pose a significant problem worldwide. Spammers, driven by various malicious motives, have found a way to target inboxes globally, bombarding them with unsolicited messages. While spam often goes hand in hand with phishing and malware, the sheer volume of unwanted emails can be overwhelming on its own. Luckily, Mari, the Email Inbox Manager, is here to help you regain control over your inbox.

Let's look at the countries responsible for sending the most spam emails and explore how Mari can protect you from this deluge.

The Top 10 Spam-Sending Countries

1. United States: The USA tops the list, sending around 8.61 billion spam emails. Despite efforts to curb it, American-based spammers exploit the large population and internet infrastructure to distribute these unwanted messages.

2. China: Close behind, China sends 8.53 billion spam emails. The rapid digitization and massive internet user base make China a frequent origin for unsolicited email.

3. Russia: In third place, Russia sends 8.09 billion spam emails. Some of these spam campaigns target global audiences, leveraging sophisticated techniques to evade detection.

4. Brazil: Brazil comes in fourth, sending 8.03 billion spam emails. This Latin American nation has a rising number of cybercriminals who exploit internet resources for mass spam campaigns.

5. India: India holds the fifth spot, sending 7.97 billion spam emails. With a growing digital landscape, it's not uncommon to see rising spam originating from this region.

6. Germany: Sixth place goes to Germany, which produces 7.9 billion spam emails. Though strict data protection laws exist, spammers still find ways to launch their campaigns.

7. Czech Republic: The Czech Republic ranks seventh, sending 7.83 billion spam emails. This smaller European nation demonstrates how internet connectivity can enable spammers worldwide.

8. Poland: Poland sends 7.77 billion spam emails, primarily targeting European users.

9. Bulgaria: Bulgaria follows with 7.73 billion spam emails, contributing to the wider spam networks affecting the continent.

10. United Kingdom: The UK rounds off the top 10, sending 7.71 billion spam emails. Its advanced internet infrastructure is often exploited by spammers.

How Mari Keeps Your Inbox Clean

Mari, as your trusted Email Inbox Manager, is designed to withstand even the most massive spam email campaigns. Here's how:

1. Geolocation Filtering: Mari uses advanced geolocation filters to flag suspicious messages from regions notorious for spam. You can customize these filters to ensure your organization only receives legitimate messages.

2. Pattern Recognition: With spam campaigns frequently changing their tactics, Mari leverages pattern recognition to identify and block new types of spam before they reach your inbox.

3. Collaborative Blacklists: By working with global spam databases, Mari integrates frequently updated blacklists, ensuring that known spammers are automatically blocked.

4. Customized Whitelists: Mari allows you to maintain a whitelist of trusted contacts, ensuring that important messages aren't mistakenly marked as spam.

5. Continual Learning: Mari continuously learns from your preferences and the latest spam patterns, becoming more adept at managing your inbox over time.


Spam is a global issue, with billions of unwanted emails clogging inboxes daily. But with Mari's sophisticated filtering, pattern recognition, and adaptive learning, you can keep spam at bay and focus on what truly matters. Let Mari be your global defender and reclaim control over your inbox.

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